Carlos Caterpillar Episode 4 - Buggy Bigbucks - A lesson on the value of true friendship.

Carlos Caterpillar DVD - Ep.05: Buggy Bigbucks

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The Adventures of Carlos Caterpillar tells the story of Carlos, an ever-curious little caterpillar, who often finds himself in one predicament or another. Helped by his Uncle Pedro, a butterfly with a lifetime of experience behind him, Carlos learns many lessons that will help him through his own little journey of life.

Episode 5: Buggy Bigbucks

When Carlos finds a lottery ticket and wins what he thinks is a large fortune, his life suddenly takes a new twist! Sluggy becomes his new best friend and teaches him the ropes of the rich life! All seems well until Carlos finds out that his winnings are not as much as he had expected and that being liked by others has little to do with money. This episode teaches children the true value of friendship.


DVD has both English and Spanish audio tracks and subtitles.
DVD Region: All Regions - TV System: NTSC.
Approximately 25 minutes.

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