Interview with the Creator of Brother Francis

Brother Francis St. Teresa of Calcutta

Did you know that St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta was one of the people God used to inspire the creation of Brother Francis? In this 20-minute interview, Robert Fernandez shares his spiritual journey and the inspiration behind the Brother Francis series.

Robert Fernandez, creator of Brother Francis, shares his story! from CMAX.TV on Vimeo.

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  • Sister Joan Marie Crapps on

    The interview was awesome. I teach first grade. My students love Brother Francis DVD’s One day at lunch they asked to watch a movie. They said a Jesus movie. They mention Brother Francis. Everyday last year they watch a Brother Francis movie or a saint movie. They also wanted to know if Brother Francis was a real person? You are doing great work. I have all of your DVD’s so far plus books posters etc. Blessings

  • Bobbi Havron on

    We use the Brother Francis videos in our faith formation classes here at St. Bernadette. The children really enjoy them. It helps them to understand more deeply our faith. Thank you for the time put into making them.

  • Mary Chaudhuri on

    I have used Brother Francis for many years with Special Needs students in our after school religion program.

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