Who created Brother Francis? 

The Brother Francis series was created by Herald Entertainment, an audio-visual production company committed to producing high-quality, value-based media for children. Find out more about the creators and the inspiration behind the series HERE.


Do you have discounts for teachers? 

We offer volume discounts for bulk purchases of coloring books and prayer cards. Create an account, or log in to your account, and you will see the discounts automatically. We also have regular sales and promotions. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed of sales and new products.

Can I photocopy the Brother Francis coloring books for my class? 

We do not allow photocopying of the Brother Francis coloring and activity books. However, with the volume discount you can now get up to 40% off the coloring books when you purchase them in bulk for your school or classroom. Log in or create an account to see the best prices. 

Another teacher's resource we provide is downloadable coloring pages that you can purchase and then print as many as you need. 

Can you invoice my school or parish for my purchase? 

We offer 30 day, net terms to schools or parishes who would like to be invoiced instead of purchasing with a credit card. There is a simple application process. Email us at: support@brotherfrancisstore.com to apply for a net terms account with us.


Can I stream Brother Francis episodes online?

There are a few different options for online viewing.

You can rent or purchase Brother Francis videos via the VIMEO app. This platform is for individuals or families, not for parishes or schools. The only exception to that is if an individual teacher would like to show a video from their library to their class. For more information click HERE.

Or, if your parish or school is subscribed to Formed.org, you can view the Brother Francis episodes there.

I am interested in getting digital access to Brother Francis videos for my parish or school. How can I do that? 

Schools or parishes that have a secure, internal network can license digital versions of Brother Francis on a yearly basis. If you are interested in more information, please contact us.


I would like to carry your products in my store. How do I do that?

You can apply for a wholesale account with us. Please contact us at: support@brotherfrancisstore.com to learn more. 


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