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By Anne Metz

Vacation Bible School is essentially a summer camp, with a focus on God. They are plentiful - run by many different churches- and include all the trappings of a traditional summer camp, including crafts, games, snacks, and music. 

Why Should You Send Your Child?

It’s Fun!

Vacation Bible School (sometimes referred to as Vacation Bible Adventure) is fun. There are games and plays and crafts and snacks and lots of signing. The kids are definitely not just sitting in a classroom all day learning about God. They play games outside, paint, learn new songs complete with dances and hand motions, and laugh with friends. Yes, VBS is Christ-Centered but the kids learn about our faith in a fun way.

It Builds Community

Vacation Bible School is a great way to meet other families in the parish. It’s a great opportunity for your child to form friendships with those who share their faith. If you volunteer, you’ll meet other parents in your parish that you might not have met otherwise.

They Learn About Jesus

It’s a Christ-centered camp week. All the songs the children learn, and all the crafts they do are Christ-focused. Because every activity leads back to Christ, VBS normalizes putting Jesus at the center of all we do.

Plus, there’s always more to learn. Will your child be completely catechized by the end of the week? No, of course not. Learning about our faith and developing a relationship with God is a never-ending journey. What a great reason to sign up for Vacation Bible School every summer!

It’s (Typically) Inexpensive

Vacation Bible School is inexpensive, especially compared to other summer camps. So it’s a wonderful way to give your child a summer camp experience without breaking the bank. If you volunteer, you may even get a free or discounted spot for your child.

It Creates a New Tradition

VBS gives your children something to look forward to each year. The program grows with them so they will learn new lessons about God and our faith each year. Plus, the program ultimately gives them the opportunity to serve and minister to others in the parish by becoming a tween/teen helper or a camp counselor.

Take some time this week to find out if your parish or a parish in your area offers Vacation Bible School. Sign up your children for a week full of fun, fellowship, and faith.

When she’s not writing about faith, Anne Metz works for Growing Catholics, whose mission is to bring Scripture to all, especially tweens and teens.

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