The Brother Francis Church Playset
The Brother Francis Church Playset
The Brother Francis Church Playset
The Brother Francis Church Playset

Saintly Heart™/Brother Francis™

The Brother Francis Church Playset

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An English-Spanish Toy!
A Saintly Heart™ and Brother Francis™ Collaboration!

Bring the beauty of our Church into your home with this one-of-a-kind Saintly Heart’s™ Brother Francis™ Church Playset!  

Everyone’s fun-loving host, Brother Francis, accompanies your children as they explore a Catholic Church and its contents hands-on. Offering a tactile way for children to engage in the Mass, this play set will prepare your children to enter more fully in the Liturgy as they learn the names and purposes of the vessels and sacramentals used at Mass. 

With pieces made from eco-friendly and sustainable wood, this Church Playset features 28 bright and unbreakable figures for your child to explore. A magnetic closing box, depicting the Catholic Church your children will recognize from the Brother Francis’ animated series, fits all 28 pieces for easy clean up, and the sturdy handle makes it ideal for easy transportation. The box opens to create a colorful backdrop, featuring a basic Catholic Church layout using the same art and stained glass as seen in Brother Francis videos. An information booklet that explains each of the 28 pieces is included in both English and Spanish, allowing the toy to grow with your child! Your child can set it up to Ad Orientem Mass, or Novus Ordo Mass.

Whether your child is exploring their church while watching Brother Francis, or is following along with the Mass parts in the pew of your local parish, this incredible play set is sure to strengthen their knowledge and love of the Mass while improving their fine motor skills and creativity. 

28 wooden pieces included in this set:

  • 1 Brother Francis™ 
  • 1 Priest in green vestments
  • 1 Deacon in green vestments
  • 4 people/parishioners
  • 1 Mary “statue”
  • 1 Thurible
  • 1 Lavabo 
  • 1 Crucifix
  • 1 Altar, designed with corporal and purificator 
  • 1 Ambo
  • 2 Altar servers
  • 1 Monstrance
  • 1 Wine cruet
  • 1 Water cruet
  • 1 Large single host
  • 1 Hosts
  • 1 Paten
  • 1 Chalice
  • 1 Lectionary
  • 1 Roman Missal
  • 1 Pillar with a little holy water font
  • 2 Candles
  • 1 Tabernacle 

Also included:

1 Magnetic closing play box created to be the church whether it’s closed or opened

Bilingual (English-Spanish) informational booklet to teach children about each of the pieces

Recommended for ages 3+

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